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Learn Fractions
Math Help - Learning Fractions - Easy-to-Understand Lessons

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We have the following free video lessons (below).
Since One of my main goals is to help relieve the stress that many students feel when it comes to doing math, all my videos present the lessons in a very calming and reassuring manner.

1. What Is a Fraction? (4:28)

2. Finding Factors (7:40)

3. Equivalent Fractions (5:46)

4. Simplifying Fractions (8:50)

5. Simplifying Fractions by Factoring (5:57)

6. Adding Fractions (6:10)

7. Adding Mixed Numbers (4:16)

8. Adding Mixed Numbers Part 2 (2:09)

9. Subtracting Fractions (6:09)

10. More Subtracting Fractions (6:14)

11. Multiplying Fractions (5:33)

12. Multiplying Mixed Numbers (4:03)

13. Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers (5:52)

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Looking for fun ways to practice math? Check out my math adventure story!
Secrets of the Wizard - A Math Can Be Fun Adventure!

"This book combines math puzzles with a great adventure story."

Strengthen Your Students’ Word Problem Solving Skills
Using this “Math Can Be Fun” Adventure Story!

Secrets of the Wizard is a fantasy adventure with 99 math word problems woven into a suspenseful story that will hold your students’ attention. The story provides a fun activity that math teachers and parents can use to help students master solving word problems while covering Common Core Standards.

The story ties math and the written word together. Written at a 6th – 7th grade reading level and presented in small, one-page bites, every page challenges the reader with a math word problem which must be reasoned through and solved correctly. The problems, covering general math, include all the operations of arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percents, exponents, integers, measurement conversions, and geometry. Most of the problems should be easy for 5th and 6th graders; some of the problems involve multiple steps and will challenge 7th and 8th graders.

The story, written and illustrated by Jim Bennett, chronicles the adventures of the good wizard, Galimedes and his two faithful helpers (a gnome and an elf) who must recover the lost scrolls of time and seasons. They find themselves in many perilous situations as they battle a phantom knight, a carnivorous giant, the legendary Minotaur, an evil magician, and a witch. Galimedes even travels to a parallel universe!

The author’s goal is to provide tools to help educators reverse the downward trend of American students’ math scores. He believes that working on improving students’ attitudes toward math, especially at the middle school level when many of those attitudes solidify, is critical to achieving this goal.

There are 99 word problems. The pages of Secrets of the Wizard, presented as a journal, are all scrambled, and the only way to know what page to read next is to solve a math puzzle that appears at the bottom of each page. There is also a hidden secret message which can be found by stringing together the first letters on each of the pages when they are read in the correct order.

There are frequent “cliff-hangers” which will keep students “on the edge of their seats.” For this reason, the book is a fantastic resource for the teacher or parent who is looking for material to make mastering word problems a fun activity. Students will be motivated to get the right answers so they can find out what happens next in the story.

Jim Bennett, now semi-retired, was a full-time classroom teacher for thirty-four years, having taught in Virginia, Ohio, and New York. In addition to this book, he previously wrote and illustrated Calligraphy For Dummies, Calligraphy for Creative Kids, and The Algebra Journal. In 2003 he was named Educator of the Year by the Southeastern Ohio Art Education Association. He has also developed a number of math lessons based on the Bible. His website is mathsquad.com.

Secrets of the Wizard by Jim Bennett is available at Lulu.com


There is also a teacher's guide which has blackline masters of all the pages of the novel. Check it out!


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